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At Steel Drum Smoker’s BBQ, we’re all about delivering mouthwatering smoked meats in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas, that will have you wishing you’d ordered more.

Our unique approach is fast and simple, “All you do is order and eat!” Our delectable selections of smoked meat perfection are sold primarily by pound, unless otherwise noted. Our most popular smoked meats are Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork and our Pulled Chicken. We also take pride in our Beef Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Whole Chicken Wings, Lamb and Salmon.

Wondering how much to order?

We suggest 1lb per 2 people you’re feeding to start, but ordering more is strongly advised for seconds and or leftovers! (Thank us later)

What sets us apart?

First and foremost, we are mobile and offer convenient delivery and service options, ensuring you can enjoy your savory dishes wherever you are.

When it comes to BBQ and smoked meats, we take pride in using only the finest ingredients – charcoal, Oak, Apple, and Maple woods. No propane or electric smokers here – just traditional, authentic flavors that enhance the taste of our smoked meats.


The name “Steel Drum Smoker’s BBQ” may pique your curiosity, and there’s a good reason behind it. The linchpin that brought everything together were smokers built from recycled 55-gallon steel drums. The steel drum proved to be our launching point but as we grew, we quickly outgrew the 55-gallon steel drum smokers, but to never forget where we started, so we named our company Steel Drum Smoker’s BBQ. Today we use a variety of smokers depending on the size of the event that are our secret weapon in creating the most flavorful, tender, and moist meats you can imagine.


What truly sets us apart, though, is the passion and experience behind our small batch barbecue. With over 25 years of smoking and grilling for family, friends, and clients – we’ve honed our craft to deliver exceptional barbecue that keeps people coming back for more. We’re here to share our love for smoked meats with you, so if you have any questions, ordering/catering requests, or just want to embark on a culinary journey with Steel Drum Smoker’s BBQ, don’t hesitate to reach out. Also, be sure to follow our YouTube channel for more information! Your taste buds will thank you!

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