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Steel Drum Smoker’s is more than your traditional Beef, Pork, and Chicken, meat selections - we go beyond the classics to offer an array of tantalizing options. Our Smoked Lamb, seasoned to perfection, kissed with smoke and is tender, and a unique delight for those seeking something special. The savory Sausage, with its rich flavors and perfect snap, is a favorite among meat lovers. Seafood enthusiasts and Pescatarians will relish our Smoked Salmon, prepared to absolute perfection with a delicate balance of seasoning and smokiness. Please keep in mind that there are other things that can and have been one off offerings, that might not be listed. Please feel free to inquire about anything you wish to have smoked.

Smoked Lamb

$25 per Pound

Whole Boneless Leg of Lamb - About 4lbs | $85


Smoked Salmon

Whole Salmon Filet - 3.5 - 4lbs | $80


Smoked Sausage

Market Price (Upon Special Request)

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